Moe’s Vipassana Voyage see things as they really are.

A Writer's Life for Me

I’m beyond excited to announce that (finally) A Writer’s Life for Me has a guest writer! This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while; feature another writer in a personal experience, have them share a reflection, a tip, a story–just like I like to do (every 5 months ha…).

My good friend, Moe went on a Vipassana retreat earlier in the winter. And, now that it’s spring (we can barely feel it here in Wisconsin!) I wanted to share her reflection with you all. I hope that you will welcome her warmly–she was very kind to agree to let me post her piece. Maybe it will offer some motivation for outdoor meditation now that the snow has melted. At the very least you will turn away from this post a better person simply from reading Moe’s words. They are clear, full of honesty and humility, and…

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